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To leave feedback.

Please always be willing to be honest and admit your own faults if leaving bad feedback. If you feel i deserve it i will not argue with you but if i do not feel as if i deserve i will present my side of the story.

Thank you ahead of time for all those whom leave good feedback.


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Re: Whimsy
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Made several transactions (she was buying some adoptable lines from me) and Whimsy is very easy to work with, pays promptly :3


Re: Whimsy
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Thanks jojo!


Re: Whimsy
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I have seen a few posts lately that the mods have received messages from users saying they are uncomfortable dealing with Whimsy. I quit dealing with Whimsy in any sort of way in the beginning of 2011 and I wanted to let everyone know why.

Yes this should have been posted many years ago but I feel it may be helpful to some users now. I did not end up posting it back then because by the time I was ready to post it Whimsy had gone through something no mother should have to go through and I did not want to put more on her.

Whimsy posted this thread on August 10, 2010 offering a tablet. I posted an offer in the thread for my friend to do an art commission for her. She edited the first post when she accepted my offer later that day but it is pretty clear she was selling a tablet and had accepted my offer.

I will also post a link to our private messages at the end of this post so the terms of the deal can be seen by everyone.

August 11 – Told me the soonest she would be able to ship was on Friday.

August 13 – Said she wanted to wait to ship till she had dates her commission would be done.
Sometime in here she had decided that she wanted an adoptable set that Crowflux already had finished (Nauscals) instead of the commission.

August 23 – Sent me a message letting me know that she would be sending the tablet over the weekend.
She said if she had enough money that she would get tracking. I had sent her a message back that she could get delivery conformation for under a dollar. It wouldn’t track the package but would show when it shipped and when it was delivered.
She also started her first Nauscal thread. My side of the trade had been completed by this date.

September 4 -  Sent me a message telling me she was returning the Nauscal because she didn’t have time to run it and she didn’t have the $5 for shipping.
I offered to send her the $5 dollars for the shipping. I told her she had already had the Nauscal for 2 weeks and that I didn’t think it was right for her to back out of the trade. She had told me in these PMs that she had 10k later in the month. She said that I couldn’t send her a money order for the shipping that she had issues with not getting her mail and that she would just wait till she got money to mail it.

September 19th - She bought USD customs on the forums for $20.

September 23 – I sent her a message asking what was going on with the trade

September 26 – I sent her another message asking if she got my message.
   She hadn’t replied and had been active on the forums and such.
September 28 – She replied to my message.
Said she still didn’t have the money. That she spent all the money she had gotten the week before and couldn’t afford the shipping. That her school money should be there at the latest on the 6th. She promised she would get it to me and that she was sorry it was taking so long.

I replied back that I felt the $5 for shipping should have been a priority over her buying custom Stable horses (She had bought some on the forums). That if I hadn’t heard anything by the 6th then I would be leaving feedback on the forums. She said that a friend paid for the customs and that she really didn’t even think about it.

October 2 – She messaged me saying she got the money and would ship Monday (4th)
   I sent her my address again to make sure she had it

October 8
– I messaged her to ask if she sent it
   She messaged back saying she had and that I should have gotten it already. That she got delivery confirmation but left her half of it at the post office.  She would check with them the following day.

October 13 – She finally messages me back saying that she had sent it to  me 3 times and each time had gotten it back.
   She said I must have given her the wrong address ( I didn’t I checked the address many times). I was at my moms in Hawaii at the time for 3 weeks and she said she would ship it there just to make sure I gave her the correct address.

October 24 – I messaged asking if she had shipped it.

October 27 – I messaged her again because I didn’t get a response.

October 31 – I messaged her again because I hadn’t gotten a response.

November 1 – She finally replies:
   “As of right now, the trade is off, simply because when I brought the package back to my house two weeks ago one of my sitter kids must have made off with the pen. I havnt found it in my house, and none of the moms have located it at their houses. Im sorry about this, and its why ive ignored pming you about it because I knew it would upset you. I'm doing my best to find it, but if i do i cant promise it'll be in one piece. Those pens are so horridly fragile, thats why mine normally stays locked up in my drawer lol.”

November 10 – I replied to her:
You brought the package home from the post office took it out of the box and even though you were just taking it back to the post office.  Seems sorta weird to me.  Honestly with all the issues and everything you have told me it seems you never had the tablet to begin with.
I need to know if you owe anything from when you ran your Nauscal event.  Also did you use them on any other sites?
I will be leaving feedback for you on here for this trade.  I know it wont make a difference for this trade but I think others on here should know what happened with it.”

Her reply:
   “You may feel free to leave feedback though I can promise i had the tablet, obviously if youd like I can even take a picture of the two tablets (mine the pen&touch and the other pen tablet) together. I took it outta the package as the post office said since id have to redo the little stickers all over it and it ripped up the packaging i had to get a new package. So I tossed the old one and put the tablet with its pen in the computer desk drawer. Loosing things to littleones hands in my house is just a risk of the daily doings. They grabbed my pen to just two days ago and i just found the darned thing.

Im sorry to have upset you, and if I had the money Id go out and buy one just to ship to you. Alas I dont have that sort of money and im sorry for your problems.”

November 13 – She messaged me she found the pen.
   Asked for my address again said she was shipping tomorrow wanted to know if she could take the Nauscals to PI.
I told her once I got the tablet that I didn’t see why she would have a problem with it but that I don’t know all of the things they had worked out and that she should just check with Crow.

November 14 – She messaged me that she forgot that it was Sunday and would send it before work the next day.

November 28 – I messaged asking if she sent it because I hadn’t gotten it.

December 15 – Her message to me:
   “Just kinda wanted to update you, the day that I had planned to send the package I woke up to find my infant son cold and still. He had passed during the night and seeing as you have little ones im sure you understand my upset. The package is still in the house that I lived in, and I havent returned since the whole thing happened. We are moving this weekend and my mom and grandmother are doing all the packing and bringing stuff over. So once we get settled in our new home I'll send it out. Im sorry that I've failed to do this another time, but its the gods honest truth and im sure you'll understand.”

My reply to her:
   “I am so sorry.  I can not imagine what you are going through and I can guarantee I will not sleep the same tonight.
I hope you have a good support system for you.  If you need anything even if it is just someone to talk to please let me know.

This was the last time we spoke about it as far as I can remember. I dropped it at that point because of what she had been trough at the time I had a 7 year old and a 1 year old and I could not imagine her pain. Looking back at this though the last date she was going to ship the tablet was Nov  15th and according to her post in Town Square she found her son on Nov 20th. In March of 2011 Crow and I took care of all the Nauscal things that we could find were still owed to other users.

I have copied all of our PMs about this in the private message below. I have blacked out personal information (my address and Whimsy and Crows AIM screen names) Mods should be able to access my PMs and see that the address I gave her was the same each time. I would also be more then happy to dig out some mail I had received while living at that address to show that I did in fact get mail at that address.

I hold no hard feelings against Whimsy.  I do feel she lied to me many times and other users should be aware so they can choose if they would like to take the chance with her. I have chosen to not deal with her in trades and such and I will not follow any adoptables she runs. The ones I have followed since my problems with her that I have followed she was running them as the adoptable shop and it was not public she was in fact running them. When I realized it was her behind the mask so to say I quit following them.

My advice to her if she would like to start running adoptables here again would be to find someone who would let her work for their adoptable so she can show she has changed. People shouldnt have an issue following an adoptable she works for that someone else will make sure if she disappears again would make sure things were taken care of.