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- Cleiteag Aerie - One Winter Day
« on: January 18, 2012, 03:51:02 PM »
((Anyone can join in with any adoptable, whether you have a Cleiteag or not!))

Aithyia curled her long, fluffy brown tail closer to her body, covering her scaled and taloned front legs. A bitter wind was blowing today, and her exposed skin needed the extra protection. She snorted in disgust as the breeze twirled her long fur in front of her nostrils, trying to entice a sneeze. Winter weather did not amuse her.

Looking to get out of the harsh wind, the Cleiteag female stood and stretched, her long dusky blue and brown wings snapping open and closed once before they folded neatly across her back. She leaped from the rock she had been lounging on and turned to the lee of the stone, the protected side where the wind wasn't blowing. There she sat down and rearranged her feathers and fur to soak up what weak winter sunshine there was.

A grumbling from her stomach reminded Aithyia that she hadn't eaten anything today; winter made hunting scarce. Soon she would need to give up sunbathing and go see what she could scrounge up.

"Actually, better now than later," the large predator muttered to herself. She stood and pumped her wings once, twice, to get the blood flowing, and then launched herself skyward. Her shadow passed like a black form over the cold landscape below.


Re: - Cleiteag Aerie - One Winter Day
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2012, 07:44:40 PM »
((Sorry if my posts seem a little awkward, it's been awhile since I've done this sort of stuff before. :)))

Cane slowed to a walk, his cotton candy blue mane settling back into place after his quick trot. The dead branches above created sharp shadows against the crisp grass and occasional boulder as he wandered through the still forest. While outside the dormant trees, the wind blew across mostly open moors unhindered, within the frozen bows, it whistled it's way through scraggly branches and thin trunks, picking up the occasional dead leaf as it passed.

Any normal Okibi would be at home, but the laid-back male had decided to take a walk, after staying curled up for so long. His winter coat had long since grown in, and the wind no longer bothered him. Of course, he, like any other sensible creature, longed for strong rays of sunshine, when the trees where heavy with leaves and the days were long. But for now, the meager and distant light the sun provided on that particular day would do.

With a toss of his mane, Cane wandered over to a patch of relatively fresh grass and started to graze, his movements unhurried as his striped tails flicked back and fourth. While not particularly hungry, he focused loosely on his task, not worried about his surroundings in the least.

A rustle, almost completely buried beneath a particularly loud whistle, caught his attention, and his ear twitched a couple times before he finally let curiousity get the better of him and headed over to investigate.
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