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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: January 12, 2010, 03:23:28 PM »
How can I change my avatar/signature?
These are forum based, so please use the Profile button above the forum.

What is the avatar size?
Avatar size is 94 x 94 pixels, so any 100x100 icons are fine.

What is the signature size limit?
The character size is 1000, and we discourage overly large images on a case by case basis. Please use discretion, but also feel free to put images in your signature.

What is my User ID?
You can find this by checking any link of your username on the site, either on pet or item pages where it says "Owner."

The site keeps logging me out, how can I stop this?
Login through the forum, the link at the bottom, and check the box that asks to keep you logged in forever. Forever is a misnomer, however, since your cookies may expire or be deleted depending on your browser settings. Our default cookie time is 120 minutes for any other quick login form on the site.

How does the Personal Message system work?
At the moment, all messages are through the basic forum setup, not on the main site. This may change in the future.

I would like to have my PMs in my outbox all the time.
On the forum go to Profile -> Personal Message Options -> Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default.

When I reply to a thread, I get sent back to the forum, why?
You need to go to on the forum Profile -> Look and Layout Preferences -> Return to topics after posting by default.

I would like a ____ feature please.
This may be something we implement in the future, our site is still in the growing process. We have a lot of plans so please be sure to check the Herald before making suggestions.

I got a warning that mine is a non-gaming account, what is that?
Any account that we notice that has the same IP as another I will mark as a non-gaming account until we confirm that one of the Admins have been PMed per the rules. There are many things on the site which can only be done per certain time limit and we don't want anyone getting around these limits with a second account.

But I need an account for my adoptable/project/just for fun.
These accounts do not need to be gaming accounts. We encourage you using alternate accounts, you just can not participate in any of the site games. That is the only restriction for non-gaming accounts.

Can I link to Secundi?
Yes please do! Feel free to use any of the site linking images:

How do I obtain a pet?
At the moment, you can adopt a Gidget or a Wobble from the respective Agencies for free. Pets for sale can be found through the Search feature.

But I want more pets.
If you have a male and a female Wobble or Gidget, they will breed automatically. The site does a daily check for random breedings and babies are automatically added to your pets page.

My pets haven't bred for days!
Make sure that you have a male and female, not one marked 'O' and that they are of the same species. Please remember that the breeding is randomly generated day to day, the site does not keep track of you specifically, each pair has a random chance to reproduce daily.

How do I get more money?
The safest way is to get your daily secunds. We also have several games which can give you a profit (or a loss). Competitions have a fee for entry, but they also give prize money. Additionally, you can sell pets or items.

How do I make an Agency?
Since the site is in beta testing, we are restricting Agencies to those involved in the site development to limit what might go wrong. Once the site is up and running as we desire, we will open our Agency creation process. However, you are free to run Adoptable critter shops in the Marketplace.

Is there any special introduction for new shops?
No, you can go right into the Marketplace and make a thread. However, if you want help on something or you want to gauge interest, use the Help Booths first. This is not required by any means.

Are there any restrictions on adoptables?
So long as it conforms to our PG-13 rating, any adoptable is welcome here, even if they have their own website or are available on another site. It is your business to manage these aspects.

I have this adoptable item...
If it is an automatic item, such as one for naming, go to the "Your Account" link and click on "Use Agency Items." If it is not an automatic item, it won't be listed in the menu and it is up to the shop owner to handle them manually.

I have a problem/question concerning an adoptable.
Then it is best to privately message the owner of the shop or post in one of their threads. If you believe a shop owner is not acting according to our rules, the best course of action is to politely bring it up to them first to see if there is just a misunderstanding. If you are not satisfied with their response, please see our procedures in the Magistrate's Office.

Can I charge USD for my adoptable/artwork?
Yes, if people are willing to pay for it. That is the purpose of the feedback section of the forum, to show who are reputable sellers.

What is the conversion rate?
At the moment, we have no set conversion rate from secunds to any other currency. Our economy is young and constantly changing at this point in time.
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