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Secundi Help and FAQ

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Getting Started

Pet Types
Secundi is all about virtual pets. All Secundi pets are distributed via adoption agencies (sometimes called shops). Secundi has two types of pets you can adopt. The first are Old World pets. These are pets you can adopt from the General Booths section of the Secundi forums. Old World pets are animals that users have brought with them to Secundi, but who have not yet adapted to Secundi sufficently to become Secundi Pets. Old World Pet activities take place on the forums, and sometimes back in their Old World habitats (other sites created by the agency owners).

The other type is the Secundi Pet. Secundi Pets are species that have adapted further to the Secundi climate, and are able to do more here than other pets. Many Secundi Pet agencies hold events in the forums similar to Old World pets, but they also have special shops on the main site, found under the Agencies tab. When you adopt a Secundi Pet, it will appear on your Pets page. Secundi pets have stats and can raise their levels via the hourly Secundi competitions, and, once they reach level ten, via battling other Secundi pets. Some Secundi pets have additional features such as automated breeding, growing, and naming.

Your Secundi account also includes an inventory. In your inventory you can have Items and Artifacts. Items are sold by individual Secundi adoption agencies, and can do various things, from allowing you to breed your pets, to allowing you to name your pets, to allowing you to compete your pets in Old World competitions. Most items are manual-use, meaning their use is not automated, and the agency owner will give instructions for manually using the item. A few items are auto-use, and can be used by clicking on the Your Account link, then the Use Agency Items link, selecting the Agency the item is from, and finally selecting how to use the item.

Artifacts are not agency specific. Rather they are site-wide objects. Many artifacts can be equipped to your Secundi Pets to boost their stats and help them in competetitions and battles. In the future other Artifacts will have other uses.

Secundi Gold
Secundi Gold (Secunds or SG for short) is the currency of Secundi. A new account gets a starting bonus of 5000 SG. Every day that you log into your account you will receive 150 SG (or if you have chosen to remain logged in permanently, you can visit the Games page for a button to collect your salary). To gain additional SG, you can play games, or you can buy and sell artifacts, items, or pets. Competitions give out SG prizes if your pet places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their division. The forums are another rich source of income for many players, where they sell services, artwork, or start an Old World pet shop of their own. More games are always being worked on, so check back often!

SG is required for buying pets, items and artifacts, and for entering Secundi Pets in competitions.

First Pets
Two Secundi Pet agencies will automatically give you your first pet from them for free: Wobbles and Gidgets. To adopt, simply visit their respective agency pages and follow the instructions there. Wobbles and Gidgets are both auto-breeding pets, where any owner who has a male and female of that species has a random chance of finding babies on their account each day. If you'd like to breed them, you'll need to purchase a pet of the opposite gender from another player. You can use the site Search to locate pets for sale, or check the Trading Booths in the forum. (Keep in mind the Trading booths will include Old World pets as well as Secundi pets.)

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