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Adoption Agencies

Banu Gaia run by Umm Gaia

Elenaria run by Elenaria

FCFC run by FCFC

Feli run by Feli

Garden Noms run by TheLeet

Gidgets run by Gidgets

Gliders run by Gliders

Gremlins run by Wildfilly94

Gryphions run by Gryphions

Horses run by Horses

LilBitties run by LilBitties

Little Chimaera run by Little Chimaera

Little Hooves run by Little Hooves

Masayo run by Masayo

Miniwyvs run by Miniwyvs

Octopuss run by Octopuss

Okibi Caballi run by Ryuukokoro

Orlaya run by PonyMama

Otay Corral run by Otay Corral

Painted Unicorns run by Painted Unicorns

Patchwork run by The Patchwork

Quinsta run by Quinsta

Sleeping Ocean run by Sleeping Ocean

Starlight Tavern run by Starlight Tavern

Storm Chasers run by SGA

Tarakona Ormr run by Tarakona Ormr

The Untamed run by Mutt

Wind Surfers run by Wind Surfers of SGA

Wisps run by ~Wisp~

Wobbles run by Silvanon

Inactive Adoption Agencies

~Air~Fish~ run by Garney

FaeKind run by FaeCreator

Pecora run by Pecora

The Cattery run by TheCattery

The Kennel run by TheKennel

TheStable run by Ravvana

Unbound run by Unbridled